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RuneQuest RuneGuy 08/22/2021 (Sun) 02:59:39 No. 17
In a significant little corner of what would be the magical world... You are the newly-made apprentice of a rather well-equipped and powerful spellcaster. Even though magic has only been a part of your life for so little time, you can already see great things in your future.. or so you hope. Morning light has been shining through your door for the past few hours or so... and as a new student, your day is quite busy. And the first thing you know you should establish.. is a name. What is your name, young apprentice? trying this again, but with a different approach! good thing, too- this idea might be a better approach!
>>17 Fizzlebanc It's actually Mark but that's not a very wizardly name so we go by Fizzlebanc
Edited last time by this user on 08/22/2021 (Sun) 08:32:51.
>>18 Fizzlebanc, Fizzlebanc... Fizzlebanc! Yeah! From now on, you'll be Fizzlebanc- you pitched the name to your teacher before, but in his grumpy disinterest of your shenanigans, stated "That's a dumb name for a fairytale wizard. Your own name is fine." Who cares about that!? Your career's just about to start- you pave your own roads! Fizzlebanc's got a lot of work to do!
>>21 It's time to observe the picture on our... dresser? furniture? whatever. The only thing that we have left from our previous life besides all our other stuff.
>>22 The room is kinda barren- you haven't had it too long, but you've already got some considerable details to spice it up. * The shelves above your desk contain some books and other material given to you by your master. You've only cracked open a few of them, but the content exhilarates you. * The photo is of you and your master on the first day he gave you a yes- you consider yourself a lucky guy to ever have earned the grace of a guy like him.. this is right outside of his place, maybe a few days ago. You asked him to wear the hat because it looked cool.. he's not really a fan of the traditional wizard vibes, come to think of it. Seems like he's trying his best to look as grumpy as possible. * The latter is a special notebook you keep to write down all of your little information and stuff you need. Tidbits of information you hear from your teacher, tasks you need to complete for the day, and anything else that comes to mind.. you hold onto this as little thingy as best as you can.
>>23 Well then, check what tasks we have written down that we were supposed to be doing today before we spent most of it thinking about wizardy names.
>>24 *Visit Cassidy for Supplies *Study Basics of Runic Casting pgs. 23-35 *Return unused foci to people in town *Apologize to Samson for mishap You've drawn out a reminder to yourself down below.
>>40 Well we could probably knock out the supplies and unused foci both at once since they're both around town. Let's go find those foci
>>41 You step outside your room and.. oh jeez. The place out here is a lot messier than you thought. Usually by the time your master's gone, this place is clean.. it does get messy often, however. Such is the life of a hardworking magician! Now, if only you could remember where those foci were in the house...
>>55 Well the most obvious place to start looking would be that chest(?) at the front.
>>55 You got any hammer spaces or storage implements on you, Fizzlebanc? It could be useful for the sake of carrying around all of the foci, and your textbook if you want to study on-the-go.
>>56 The chest in particular is full of spellcasting parchment. This stuff's supposed to withstand the elements- it's made for students to freely practice introductory spells without worrying about ruining their medium.. I guess your master was planning to do a lot! >>57 You have a slight inventory space- You can carry a pretty reasonable amount of items, but only stuff that you can feasibly lift using your strength. There are other mediums for carrying stuff- particularly one your master had in order for you, but that's for later. You carried your notebook with you, just in case. Pretty convenient how stuff comes out exactly when you need it, too!
>>58 vividly fantasize about your favorite must-learn spells
>>58 Let's be a good apprentice and clean up while we look for the foci.
>>59 >>60 Oh man, the things you'd do once you get better.. there are so many applications for magic, it starts making your head spin! Controlling the elements, speeding through the skies. creating powerful artifacts and commanding all things with a single whim... it's dizzying. You only know very few utility spell configurations- your teacher made sure to give you a pretty reliable skillset to start with, but... it's very mundane in your eyes. You pick up few random items on the ground and stuff them in your pockets for later.. some of these items are usually found in the basement, where the master keeps most of his supplies. The mess also continues out into the middle of the room..
>>61 Appraise current spells. What can we do?
>>62 These are the current list of spells you have- or at least, the shapes/configurations/runic circles you've remembered... using them is simple, but it's just finding out HOW to combine them.... That last one got you into some trouble the last time you messed with it.
>>63 You're gonna want to hold off, for now. After all, you don't want to damage your master's possessions! We should probably get going soon - which of the tasks on your list are the closest to where you're at?
>>63 Say, what's your master's name anyway? He's powerful, sure, but what kind of magical feats made him known, if at all, in the magicking world?
>>64 >>65 Last you remember, Samson's a little closer- just a short walk away, near the village. You sorta remember the way. Your master? Atticus Vancebold Meridius! An explorer, an alchemist, a biologist, a scholar.. what DOESN'T this guy do? You could go on forever, but keeping it short- this guy's technically part of the reason why magic exists as it does today. He was a colleague of one of the scholars that developed the system of magic EVERYONE uses.. but he had other plans. Using his abilities, he explored the world and discovered new things... documenting at least 7 new magical species and developing a (prototype) panacea are some of his relevant achievements, and he's always looking for an assistant to make more. You just happened to be that lucky.
>>61 Clean the middle of the room then. Gotta keep it neat and tiny for our great master. After that we should probably go to the basement to see if the foci are there and/or put some of this stuff away.
>>63 try a projection and a light rune for a cool flashlight!