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Amm 08/19/2021 (Thu) 16:12:21 No. 16
Welcome questers and Game Masters! Q: How do I archive my threads? Threads will automatically archive if they have more than 100 posts once they fall off the board. If you want to archive them sooner, then you can contact a moderator. Q: How do I set a custom Favicon? You can set a thread favicon by uploading an image that is either 32x32 or 16x16, is a png, and has the word 'favicon' in your OP. Q: How do I set a webhook? A webhook is a thing provided by many services, namely Discord, to push updates to. You can set a custom webhook for thread updates by putting the webhook url into the options field of your OP. Q: What is OP Mode? OP mode hides all posts that weren't made by OP. It is found in the top right of the navbar. Q: What is Gallery Mode? Gallery Mode displays only images from the thread that you're in. It is found in the top right of the navbar. Q: What is the Thread Watcher? The Thread Watcher keeps track of threads that you're interested in and informs you of updates. You can watch threads by clicking on the eye symbol in the OP. The Thread Watcher is found in the top left of the navbar. Q: What customization settings are available? You can add custom JS, CSS, change the default watcher settings, enable push notifications, and several other things via the gear icon in the top left. Q: Can I edit my own posts? You can edit your post message for up to 20 minutes after posting it. Image, subject, and name editing is not yet supported. Q: How do I use thread icons? See >>>/icon/
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