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Something Wicked Cross 11/19/2021 (Fri) 11:04:17 No. 119
"Everything that happens before Death is what counts." - Ray Bradbury
It has been far, far too long. For years, I've plotted - my machinations hidden away from the ignorant fools of this realm until the time is right. Not only have I formed a contract with a powerful demoness from the *Downrealm*, granting me powers beyond mortal belief - it has also linked me up to the UNDERMIND, the repository of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE that all gifted warlocks such as myself have access to. That is apparently you lot. Not only does it allow me to ensure that all those under my command will be able to hear my orders - you will also be granted insight into the thought processes of an INTELLECTUAL such as myself. My name is Terza Rhymor - and I have been living in the shadows for far too long.
...Hey, wait. What are you doing? Do not open those curtains!
ARGH! THE LIGHT! IT BURNS! Phil! Phil. I didn't mean it literally, you imbecile! No - no, seriously, close it a bit more, you're ruining my first appearance in front of potential hordes of new recruits. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I took pity on you, Philbert, you're not too good at the whole 'curtain opening' job.
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Ahem. You are all gathered here today for one reason - you will be serving *me*, as my army of darkness! Whether you are manifesting this very moment or... ...It seems that some of you are from... the other towns in the area. You do realize this is an evil meeting? You do? Huh. Well, alright. I suppose, if I was an individual of average intelligence like the majority of the populace in this world, I'd want to put my bets on the winning side. Phil, go and hand out the papers to everyone who's gathered. And nobody think of eating these now. I've got all the paperwork here. Even in an army of darkness, hierarchy is important! That way, there'll be no disputes over PETTY LUNCHBREAK SQUABBLES, or COMPLAINTS ABOUT PAID VACATIONS. Pass these INQUISITVE FORMS around and fill them out. If I do not know what you are capable of, then I cannot leverage your MULTITUDE OF TALENTS (Or lack-of thereof) as effectively.
>Welcome to the armies of darkness, recruit! Whether you're a denizen of the *Downrealm* wanting a chance to see what life's like above or a happy-go-lucky individual who's interested in new job opportunities, being a servant of our new dark lord Terza is a career opportunity not to be missed! >Please list: >Name: >Appearance - Describe what you look like! (And remember - you're either a demon from the Downrealm, or an adorable little being of the Uprealm. Or a hybrid! Just keep things simple and it'll work out. Drawings are also valid, though designs may be simplified following universal image-to-text translation processes.) >What is your reason for joining TERZA RHYMOR'S ARMY OF DARKNESS? >What are your most USEFUL SKILL(S)? >What do you consider to be your GREATEST WEAKNESS? >Is there anything else notable about you? (Quirks and habits that are may not be useful or detrimental to the same degree as the previous questions.)
Name: Groppo Appearance: Like a spikey cactus Reason for joining: Heard you get a complimentary skeleton waifu Skills: Pokey and tossable Weakness: IBS that strikes at the worst times
>>124 Name: Darknet Razorphil (goes by Phil) Appearance: Long & lanky, sharp spikes, sharp claws, sharp fangs. Reason: Uh, Darkstar told me to be here. Useful skills: I'm really sharp and evil I guess. I follow orders really well. Weaknesses: I usually just do what people tell me to do.
Name: Pheobe Appearance: plantlike flower with bramble vines that act like tentacles. Came from the Uprealm Reason for joining: Wanted to run away from previous master that treated me badly back in the Uprealm, hope to hide out here in the Downrealm, and work as a maid for Terza and his army of darkness Skills: Cleaning, housework, cooking, maintenance, brambles can help protect master Terza should it come to it Weakness: I get nervous a lot.
Name:Dark Appearance: Anthropomorphic Fire Reason For Joining: Needed A Job Useful Skills: Burning Things Or People Weakness: Water
>Name: Kul >Appearance - Big guy wit da hornz. >What is your reason for joining TERZA RHYMOR'S ARMY OF DARKNESS? : Heard there wuz munz in it. >What are your most USEFUL SKILL(S)? : Am big. >What do you consider to be your GREATEST WEAKNESS? : Am not teeny tiny. >Is there anything else notable about you? (Quirks and habits that are may not be useful or detrimental to the same degree as the previous questions.) : Iz gud at da muzak. Play lotsa intri-, instra-, muzak-makers.
1) name: DARKSTAR FLAME-DRAKE also known as jim-bob 2) appearance: A MIGHTY DRAGON, ALL TREMBLE WHEN GAZING UPON MY MIGHTY VISAGE definitely not a 3 foot tall adorable kobold 3) reason for joining: TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND AMASS A MIGHTY HOARD OF GOLD look i really need a job, okay 4) greatest skill: IS A MIGHTY DRAGON WHO uh CAN ALSO FIT IN TINY PLACES 5) weaknesses: DEFINITELY NONE AT ALL, ESPECIALLY NOT ANYTHING LIKE BEING A TINY KOBOLD 6) quirks: kleptomaniac, can be shy around cute boys and girls
...I see I have quite the assortment of new recruits to the cause! great another phil just what i needed Well! I guess we all have to make do with what we have, yes? Let's quickly address things. Whether you had signed up for companionship, for wealth or simply because you didn't have anything else to do... the fact is that we are all unified in a single cause now - of ensuring my EVENTUAL SUPREMACY. You will get what you desire - IF and WHEN we accomplish my goals - our goals. Because my goals are your goals. Keep this in mind as you do my bidding, and I can assure you that soon, this realm shall be in the palm of my hands. where the hell am i going to get a 'skeleton waifu' anyway? do these people even know what conquest involves? Anyway! The PLAN.
You see, THE PLAN is incremental. No successful empire was built in a day after all. The continent of YARNDREAM is one of many divisions, formed by rulers of the days of old. Back when the average intelligence quotient was above the amount of cakes you'd see on display at the baker's shop, people actually knew how to run the damn place! Where people did more than simply... lounge around and stare at the sky, when people were RIGHTFULLY given PRAISE AND ADULATION for a JOB WELL DONE. I was never around for such wondrous times. But I shall see if I can bring about another one. We shall start with something basic! No need to bring out the big maps, Philbert, we only need this local one for now. First, we must seize control over this MODEST TOWNSHIP. It is of STRATEGIC VALUE for a multitude of reasons - primarily, being a BASE OF OPERATIONS for us - better than this run-down shack in the middle of nowhere. It is known as EYEVILLE, primarily because most of the people living there are one-eyed. ...Of course, once I am in control of it, I'm sure the name will be interpreted differently. Now then. There's three STAGES OF CONTROL we need to assume in order to seize the town for my own purposes. First, we must OVERCOME THE TOWN GATE. It had been installed a long time ago, but now, it simply is an obstacle to us. Due to our group's diverse range of talents, we shall determine the best course of action once we are there - destroying the gate is a possibility, but keep in mind that we are still going to have to rule over this place once we are done. Secondly, we must ACQUIRE THE SUPPORT OF THE POPULACE, one way or another. Whether it's through *aggressive persuasion*, or some other means of gaining their support, over that of the current mayor's control. If we must rule with fear, then so be it. Finally, we must SEIZE CONTROL of the GRANDIOSE TOWER at the end of town, where the mayor and the existing governing body reside. One cannot claim a township as their own without sitting in the IMPORTANT CHAIRS. That is the overview of the plan - I trust that it does not need repeating. We shall set off soon, after we gather ourselves briefly. Is there any questions before we set off?
Just how much lootin' and plunderin' is allowed?
is this an independent town, or part of a larger kingdom?
can we burn the gate down to ashes? i may have deleted one of my posts im new to this type of thing.
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Pheobe: ask Terza if he wants a back massage
>>134 why don't we just uh walk in? do they KNOW we're evil invaders or can we just pretend to be like, a traveling group of entertainers? I mean shit, big boy says he can play good, and everyone likes a dancing flower or they wouldn't sell the little motorized ones at the trinkets caravans
>Just how much lootin' and plunderin' is allowed? For now, keep it to a minimum. If we lose sight of the bigger goal, then we may be apprehended before we are able to maintain control over the township. But rest assured, your reward will be fairly distributed afterward. If I catch you pilfering assets prematurely however... there will be consequences. >is this an independent town, or part of a larger kingdom? Part of why I have chosen EYEVILLE was because it's mayor, LORD FARSIGHT did not wish to subscribe to the rest of the kingdom's policies. I for one, am sympathetic to such a position. But alas - it leaves him quite undefended, as he has none but the town guard to protect him and his citizenry. In this part of the kingdom, it is rare to find bandits who would attempt to separate one from their most prized cheeses and other such belongings - but unfortunately for him, I am a walking reminder of the POWER OF THE DOWNREALM, a power that has been forgotten far too soon. >Can I give you a back massage, master Terza? i'm really gonna have to get used to that huh There'll be a time and place for that later, Pheobe. ...And just so we're clear, we're not in the DOWNREALM - we are, quite comfortably in the UPREALM. Though, I suppose as a flower, perhaps you didn't travel by surface? I'm unsure of your circumstances beyond what you have provided. >can we burn the gate down to ashes? I see someone's excited. One such plan is valid, but once the rest of the kingdom finds out - we may not be able to reconstruct such defensive fortifications in time. >why don't we just uh walk in? >do they KNOW we're evil invaders or can we just pretend to be like, a traveling group of entertainers? A most excellent idea, advisor from the depths! After all - it can't be called a motley crew... without some LEGITIMATE MOTLEY. Forget the previous plan and direct march. A direct confrontation would create many problems that we would have to eventually resolve. Employing this most devious strategy is our best bet. But the question is - what kind of performance shall we feign? If we do not have an adequate cover story, then the deception would be revealed prematurely, before we are granted access into the town. We must all be at least partially comfortable with a particular idea, or enough so that we can put it on as a guise. I will be able to procure requisite materials myself once we have decided.
Edited last time by this user on 11/28/2021 (Sun) 12:26:28.
>>145 musicians and dancers. dance is easy to invent, and we have a guy here who can do music good.
ok i like the idea of going in disguised as entertainers but i cant really wear clothes that aren't fireproofed so its not like i can disguise myself well
Very well - the approach seems to be MUSIC AND DANCERS. Kul, you'll be one of our primary musicians - and I do hope that you've got some appropriate tunes for performers. Dark, don't worry about the costuming - you know, they do use the phrase, 'dancing flame' quite literally! For those who are less confident with their musical skills, just... pretend that you know what you're doing when it comes to dancing. I for one, have a decent time with VARIOUS SUPPLEMENTARY INSTRUMENTS, so it is well-suited for me. And so we shall set off! It is most fortunate that I had already prepared the wagon with what I had on me. ----- The journey goes swiftly, the wagon animated by FEL MAGICS.... truth is i have no idea what causes these to move i was kinda using the wagon to put all my stuff in since i dont exactly have much real estate But nonetheless, we arrive at the forested path outside of EYEVILLE! And there's the gate, off in the distance! It is much too difficult to climb, being made up of mostly tall wooden fortifications. If I had a more ample supply of rope, perhaps... But that is why we are employing my GENIUS PLAN, to infiltrate them under the guise of WHOLESOME PERFORMANCE.
Of course, we are stopped - one of the guards moving over to investigate our caravan. It seems he is pertubed by the fact that it seems to be moving without any packbeasts - but if he pries further - I shall convince him that it is merely an ELECTRIC MOVER, as seen in the distant towns in the south. "Hold it! Who goes there?" I step out from the wagon, a hat atop my hood. I imagine an individual of my stature has no trouble looking like a proper LEADER OF ENTERTAINMENT. "We are but humble traveling minstrels, good sir! Moving from town to town, performing for food and favors - EYEVILLE was along the trip, and we are looking to restock our provisions. Pray tell, may we be let in?" The guard scratches his head for a moment, before squinting at me. "You don't quite look like a performer... how are we to know that you are not plotting something, or merely bandits pretending to be entertainers?" He gestures towards the wagon. Ah, so here comes our first test. Loyal minions, what shall be our first response to this guardsman's challenge? While plying our musical and performative talents comes to mind as the most forward solution - what WOULD our performance be, if any? Or perhaps, if we wish to save our musical secrets for later - some alternative idea may be bubbling around in our collective minds.
>>149 I use my powers as an improv ghost to possess Kul and do a sick breakdance to prove our validity as performers
We should all start singing a rousing sea shanty
maybe we can just play improv music or just knock them out if nobody's watching to pass.
Edited last time by this user on 12/05/2021 (Sun) 04:00:31.
I-improv music? But, I'm a sheet music kind of guy! >We should all start singing a rousing sea shanty! What? I don't even *know* any Sea Shanties! >I use my powers as an improv ghost to possess Kul and do a sick breakdance to prove our validity as performers Oh. No, no no, come back here! Kul's gotten out of the carriage and everything! But he's meant to be one of the musicians! I do not know what a 'break dance' is - he seems to be moreso gyrating like he's a loose wheel. There's no time! I have to join in and pretend this is an ensemble performance! ... And so I dance, however I can. I do not have much of a singing voice, so I refuse to dignify the idea of a Sea Shanty. One of the guards seems rather engaged by this... mockery of a dance, but...
The other guard, the more serious one - he seems unimpressed. It's not working! Even though this guard only has one eye, he's really seeing through it! One of you, do something before this goes wrong! .... A small flicker of fire passes my eyes. THWACK! And now he's out cold. That helmet seems to be doing good work. But not as good as you, my fiery friend! We'll consider this a success for now.
...Uh oh. "OH MY IRISES, WHAT DID YOU DO TO STEYEVE?!" Seems that even if our dancing was good enough to distract the other guard, the CLONK seems to have ALERTED HIM. We're going to have to deal with him before he can raise the alarm. But what's the best way for us to neutralize this threat?
>>155 jesus dude, you've never heard of a punch and judy show? audience participation? I swear, no resepect for the classics, makes a ghoulish poltergeist wanna just zip on in there and take the reigns! Which is what I do here. Because I can do that! Ghooooooost poooooowers!
Can’t I just “clonk” him as well
>Can't I just club him again? He's too alert! The same trick won't work twice. Besides, if we were to club him over the head too, then we wouldn't have anyone to open the gates for us! The plan is not yet ruined. We still have a chance. "Ahh, you see, that's just part of the show, my good guardsman! You see, this is just... audience participation! The gullible one looks on in confusion. "Audience participation?" Must I explain EVERYTHING to these people? "Well, it's when-" >I swear, no respect for the classics, makes a ghoulish poltergeist wanna just zip on in there and take the reigns! Ghooooooost poooooowers! ...What?
"'Thank you', Groppo, for that... 'demonstration'. "Should I give it another go, boss? I think that improv ghost has another swing left innit." Zip it on the supernatural stuff. The commoners don't respond well to that. "I could go for another 'clonk' too." "That's... fine, you two, we have to save some material for the public, after all!" I'm going to have to lecture you two on appropriate interactions with your dark lord after this. It seems that when a certain SOMEONE encouraged me to sell my soul for power, SOMEONE didn't inform me of the... more supernatural occurrences that can spontaneously happen now. I'll worry about that later - the guard looks particularly convinced after that. "Hmm.... well, I guess you guys are performers after all! But I've got some more questions." ...Oh, joy. "Just what is your group called? I'll admit, I am unfamiliar with this kind of buffoonery, but maybe I have heard of your group before!" Ugh. I can't very well name it after myself. Not after... 'that' showcase. Do any of you have ideas? Perhaps something tasteful. It would be foolish if in the history books, they had to write down some silly name as part of the first major conquest we've performed.
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Mister Gaffoobery's Circus of Buffoonery and Tomfoolery
>>161 Cirque Du Aneurysm
How about Circus of weird wonders
Pheobe: Oh no! Terza is hurt! give your master a head massage!
I tell the guard, "Excuse us for a moment". He complies. Discussion time. >Mister Gaffoobery's Circus of Buffoonery and Tomfoolery >Cirque Du Aneurysm >How about Circus of weird wonders These are all... TERRIBLE IDEAS! Looks like it's up to me again, the brains of the this operation to go and figure something out. How about... "The Troupe of Fools?" See, it's a double-entendre, as troupe is a synonym for Company, making it 'the Company of Fools', which is actually a reference to our victims, who were so foolish as to let us in! .... Don't look at me like that!! most people just cant accept a good name when they see one huh Discussion over. Now I'll just- >"You look hurt, Master Terza! Please, allow me!" Hey, wait, I don't need- OW! Ow ow ow- huh? Was that healing? Interesting. You didn't put that on your resume... Very, very interesting, Pheobe. I'll keep it in mind, but thank you for the medical attention. With the impromptu brainstorming session over, I move back over to where the guard is patiently standing. I take a quick glance at the other guard, but he seems to be enjoying his dirt nap. Regardless, I tell the guard our troupe's name. "The Troupe of Fools? I haven't heard of that before. So I suppose you must be a new group!" Newer than you'd imagine. "Well, best of luck performing in EYEVILLE. I've heard that the MAYOR is looking for new entertainment, so maybe you've got a job opportunity there! But if you want to look for other opportunities, there's always the tavern for any posted listings!" What does he think we are, an odd-jobs team? We're performers! (Or at least, pretending to be.) I thank him for the advice and move on in, the carriage following behind.
---- Well, we're inside. I wasn't expecting a fool's show to be our ticket in, but I suppose part of the benefit of having minions is more ideas to go around. For now, we're parked near the table - though I think the burdenbeasts are a little disturbed by our DEMONICALLY ANIMATED CARRIAGE, they'll very much have to get used to it. Regardless - although we have managed to sneak our forces inside, we're still only a small group. Causing mayhem indiscriminately, while one potential approach - feels inefficient compared to what we can do. If we burned the city down, then we'd have nowhere for ourselves! The most pressing thing right now is - there are several locations worth investigating from the things I've heard about EYEVILLE. If we are to win the support of people - whether through intimidation or through persuasion, we'll have to be informed about the state of things first. So, given the size of this society, I've identified four locations that we can visit first: -THE TAV-URN- This was the tavern that the guard was talking about - named after it's distinct, rotund construction. We are sure to get some leads here, but the question is whether any of it's going to be tangible for us. We're not here to do nice deeds that'll only pay off after months of effort. Big opportunities are needed for us to make the most of our time. Do try to avoid the do-gooder types, though. There's few things I hate more than self-justifying vigilante types who ruin everything, especially if they're the kind who're coloured like the most garish thing you can imagine. words cannot describe how much i loathe vigilantes... -JEN RL'S GENERAL GOODS- The general goods store. Given how important supplies are for the populace of a city - having this 'Jennifer RL' under our thumb one way or another is going to grant us significant clout. I wouldn't recommend attempting any robberies, however - there's a time and place for everything and pocketing a sweet roll isn't worth the hassle. Intimidation could potentially work to secure ourselves a most agreeable... trade deal, if we know what weaknesses the proprietor has. -LOANY THE LONESOME'S INVESTMENT BROKERY- A business that's been running in EYEVILLE for some time. I'm not familiar with this 'Loany', but if I assume this man's primary goals in life are wealth, I'm sure we could negotiate things in our favour. Controlling the buying power of a township can be quite effective after all - and surely, this man has pull with places in high places. I wouldn't recommend making enemies with this man - these types, they're far more likely to look for revenge than to cower in fear. -THAT ONE PARTICULARLY DISTURBING HOUSE IN THE BOULEVARD THAT SOME OF THE LOCALS HAVE MADE RUMOURS ABOUT- A decrepit house in the boulevard - the legendary haunted house of EYEVILLE. In reality though, if my hunch is correct - it is no ghost, but simply a denizen of the DOWNREALM who has made it into the UPREALM through one way or another. If we make contact with this individual - we could potentially leverage the house's legendary reputation and disturbing atmosphere for our own advantage, as well as currying favour with someone who is already familiar with the lay of the land, and is far more likely to align with our goals. Now, the thing is - visiting all these places one by one with our full team is ill-advised. We shall split up and investigate, WITHOUT committing drastic action first. My focus can only be directed towards one place at a time - but please assign yourselves to the places that you feel most able to contribute to, in case of situations that happen without me present. I'll be able to view your situation through THE UNDERMIND and provide advice and guidance remotely when you most need guidance. Go on then, we've only got so much daylight left.
--- Now, here's the question for the spirits of the UNDERMIND. Where should I personally attend to for the greatest success? While I'm fine with assigning people to different areas - my SIGNIFICANT INTELLECT would greatly assist with any situation - and could potentially prevent accidents from occurring in areas staffed by our more... straightforward allies. Perhaps some... nudges to our pawns could help ensure things go smoothly? Note that, as the UNDERMIND, you can also issue commands to other characters, not necessarily whoever you created, if you had even created a character at all. Characters who are in locations without Terza will act according to their general personality and goals, but if they end up getting in trouble while Terza is elsewhere, Terza will be able to change perspectives and guide the character indirectly, along with the rest of the UNDERMIND.
>>167 as a ghost, I call dibs on the allegedly haunted house! I'd also suggest taking flower power here along with me since her healing massages would be most effective against undead and demon diplomacy alike.
I’m fine with going to the tav urn I may look a little out of place but I’m sure the mostly won’t mind the scorched floorboards
go to the loan store, nothing is more powerful or evil than usury
>GHOST You're incorporeal, dumbass! *Ahem*. By that I mean, you do not have a physical presence in this world. That's why we need MINIONS, after all - they can do the work that the supernatural cannot alone. On that note... The teams have been chosen! I will head to LOANY THE LONESOME'S along with Flamedrake, in order to create a proper negotiation strategy. Dark will be heading to the Tav-urn, along with Groppo. You two have already formed a bit of a dynamic with each, haven't you? Well, if anything goes wrong, you've both got your clubs at the ready. Go and find rumors about EYEVILLE that we can exploit in future. And do try not to drink on the job - well, Groppo, anyway. I think Dark knows better than that. Razorphil will be heading to Jen RL's in order to offer your services, while also making your presence known. You are our most intimidating member - but remember, you're not here to rob, only to... persuade the proprietor to support us, one way or another. Try not to get the law enforcement on you before we get around there. Finally, Pheobe and Kul, head to the PARTICULARLY DISTURBING HOUSE in order to investigate it and see if you can make contact with the DOWNREALM DENIZEN who's taken up residence in the area. Pheobe can apply the gentle touch - but if anything happens, Kul's physical strength should hopefully keep her safe. ...Oh, and Philbert? The other Phil. Stay with the wagon and make sure nobody steals anything from it. Let me know through the UNDERMIND if there's anything amiss. Now, onward, minions - we'll make this city ours!
I am greeted with the foul stench of BLATANT USURY as I step through the veil. Truly, a hive of treachery. In the past, I've considered pursuing such an interest in monetary schemes - such as TRADING QUIRKY PICTURES OF NEARLY-FAMILIAR TAPIRS, of which the only value that exists are speculation and collection. Unfortunately, I was quickly outdone by those wretched STAMP COLLECTORS, who had already been in the industry for years before me! LOANY LONESOME sits behind the desk, smug in all of his glory. In the past, I might have despised people like him - but I've come to respect how, ultimately these people were able to turn the misfortune of others into success for themselves. In school, they would teach the children that success is not a finite resource. I agree. But it is easier to reach out and take the success of other's failures. That was what I failed to realize when I was young - and so I resented those who cast me out. Now? I am privy to these strategies - and I've incorporated them into my own skillset. Pragmatism can only yield dividends. For now, it seems that LOANY is currently engaged with a DISTRESSED CUSTOMER. "But Loany! I can't afford this month's rent! Please, I need another loan, or else I'll be doomed!" Oh, boo hoo. Oftentimes, people like this are products of their own actions. Poorer folk cannot afford to spend money on frivolous things - and you'll find that with clever saving, one can claw their way up even some of the harshest economies in the UPREALM, provided they are not being duped by their Lords. ...Unfortunately for me, fortune does not shine on people like me so straightforwardly. "Sorry Mr... Buddison. I don't do credit." "Please! I'll do anything!" Said customer seems quite frazzled. I don't think I've seen someone sweat this much since the Summer Festival being ran by CAPSACINAL TOWN, where someone had the brilliant idea that - 'if your mouth's already on fire, then the summer heat won't be as hot in comparison, right'? "Anything, you say? That's what you said last time. I've only got one more loan left today, and unless you can prove yourself..." LOANY seems to be closing in on a decision, before he notices me and Flamedrake standing in the doorway. "Hm? What do you want? You'll have to wait until I'm finished with the current client." Well enough for us. Gives us time to think on our options. LOANY is clearly a fearsome man. He's hardened himself over years of being the one to tell these poor saps that, 'no, I won't be bailing you out from a life of misery', week after week. As such, emotional appeals are unlikely to work against him. We could offer Loany an alternative to this customer, taking the LAST LOAN and using the money for other means. While normally, the interest rates of an usurer are unreasonable to content with - given that we do not approach this from the perspective of a typical civilian. After all - there's far more Alternatively, we could actively inquire about Mr. Buddison's issues and see if there's something we could do. But I have little interest in doing good deeds if they don't lead to the completion of our plan. Perhaps it is also worth taking note of this DISTRESSED CUSTOMER - everyone knows that the desperate are also the least picky. We could get some use out of him later.
Finding rumors in a tavern is rather hard given the fact there’s people who are a tad bit scared of well fire and spikes so we could just calmly approach someone important-looking and very drunk to tell us various bits and pieces of information