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Amm 08/19/2021 (Thu) 16:12:21 No. 16 [Reply]
Welcome questers and Game Masters! Q: How do I archive my threads? Threads will automatically archive if they have more than 100 posts once they fall off the board. If you want to archive them sooner, then you can contact a moderator. Q: How do I set a custom Favicon? You can set a thread favicon by uploading an image that is either 32x32 or 16x16, is a png, and has the word 'favicon' in your OP. Q: How do I set a webhook? A webhook is a thing provided by many services, namely Discord, to push updates to. You can set a custom webhook for thread updates by putting the webhook url into the options field of your OP. Q: What is OP Mode? OP mode hides all posts that weren't made by OP. It is found in the top right of the navbar. Q: What is Gallery Mode? Gallery Mode displays only images from the thread that you're in. It is found in the top right of the navbar.

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Last Trace - Interlude 2 Cross 05/27/2022 (Fri) 13:45:47 No. 599 [Reply]
>[ESTABLISHING REMOTE CONNECTION] >[SPLINTER RECOVERY PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL] >[SEARCHING FOR FAMILIARITY RECORDS...] >[DISPLAYING INTERFACE GUIDELINES] >Welcome to the Splinter Analysis Wizard (SAW), [USER]. >Playback of the recorded memory will begin soon. >Would you like assistance? >N >Understood. >Operation reminder: >When probing the splinter with questions, keep it short and direct. >The more connected a splinter is to the question, the more likely it is for the SAW to simulate accurate memory approximations. >It is recommended that you only ask one question at a time.

Last Trace - Chapter 2 Cross 05/19/2022 (Thu) 00:26:47 No. 443 [Reply] [Last]
Prelude: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/180.html Chapter 1: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/285.html Discord: https://discord.gg/x9QHPvzhdD Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Last_Trace --- Hey... you think she'll understand? She doesn't need to.
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Our footsteps echo through the halls. It's dark. Amica tries to fill the void. "By the way, Argine! Thanks for walking me back to the Old Sectors, I appreciate it." I've had enough smalltalk for now. "I didn't exactly ask you to." We continue in silence for a bit, but a question comes to mind. "Just what were the two of you talking about anyway?" "Oh, I made some persuasive arguments. Diagram helped me out! Now I've gotten my second switch undone." ...Huh. Unless Amica pulled some mind-manipulating SAI magic, that surprises me a little. Maybe Amica tugged on Diagram's sentimental side. Well, I don't particularly care what's going on with the switches. "Say, Argine, I appreciate you listening, and setting up this meeting for me!"

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I reach towards it - and the world around me falls away. I can hear my breathing, louder than ever. >...oul ...foun... I can't stop reaching out for it. I can't control my movements. My hand wraps around the cube, and, shakily, I bring it to my face. >...nnection through.... My vision blurs, and-
The box disintegrates, and I'm left holding a viscous, dark fluid. Even as I cup the dark fluid in my hands, there's... a crackle in the back of my mind. Like I'm not supposed to be touching this stuff. There's a jolt - and the thing begins to glow, before it leaps from my hands. "What... what the hell is this?" The dark, flowing... thing in my hands squirms about in the air like something that's clinging to life. Every so often, it seems to seize up, falling like rain into my hands - before re-congealing into its flowing mass. >An object, familiar and unfamiliar. Lost kin. It yearns for the warmth of others. It is starving - but it is dead. "That there... is a prototype SAI host. Unlike you or the Sykes... it doesn't have much in the way of brainpower. I wouldn't say it's even able to think - SAI Splinters are simply recordings after all. Perhaps you could think of this one as a dead child. It never had the chance to grow up like I could." The... squirming thing between my hands, it's meant to be a child? What kind of messed up shit is this? "Why do you have this? Diagram said there was only supposed to be one SAI in the facility!" >A wave of nausea builds up in the rebel soldier, her eyes captured by the flowing movements of the fluid. Poison, anathema - it is all of these things. What is it? >It is knowledge.

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"Keep it with you, Argine. There are secrets it can tell you that nobody else will." >Knowledge comes with a price. Seeds of instability have already long since been sown. The rebel soldier screams out against things she cannot hear, cannot understand. Amica turns away from me, heading towards the pitch-black rooms of the Old Sectors. "Amica! Don't just walk away from me!" >A fractured consciousness. The only ones who can truly hear. The soldier's pleas fall on deaf ears. There's a glint of red. "You should go to bed, Argine. You've got more pressing things to worry about." It's - it's like she melts into the darkness itself as she walks away. The haze in my head clears up as she saunters off into the darkness, leaving me alone and unsettled. Moments later - the box reforms. It's no longer glowing, but -

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Last Trace - Interlude 1 Cross 04/28/2022 (Thu) 07:06:30 No. 411 [Reply]
This is a significantly short interlude with an emphasis on probing the memories of a certain individual. The next main chapter will follow immediately after this interlude's conclusion. >[CONSOLE DETECTED] >[ESTABLISHING REMOTE CONNECTION] >[SPLINTER RECOVERY PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL] >[SEARCHING FOR FAMILIARITY RECORDS] >[DISPLAYING INTERFACE GUIDELINES] >Welcome to the Splinter Analysis Wizard (SAW), [USER]. >Playback of the recorded memory will begin soon. >Would you like assistance? >-Y >Introduction:

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>Who's this Kinshimann guy? Doctor Jaz Kinshimann, eh? A bit of a mouthful, his name. Keletzar tend to have very long surnames like that. He's sort of a counterpart to Doctor Troveheart - the two of them have actually collaborated before, and - get this, Kinshimann's the reason why half the damn facility's got four ears and four nostrils. He succeeded in making cross-species chimeras via cloning processes! So, it's really thanks to him that me and Seene are even able to be together... >Greek Myth? Never heard of it. >Is Prometheus a pseudonym? Doctor Prometheus was a bit of an interesting figure... I believe he was one of the first people to really get cloning as an actual viable field of science. Before he came along, things really didn't seem to be going well, at least from what I've heard from Dr. Troveheart. But, I do think it is a pseudonym of sorts, probably mashed together from his actual name. Kinda like how everyone calls Doctor Graph, Doc "Silicagraph" after the process he ended up developing that revolutionized materials engineering. >Kiss her, you fool! Heh. When it's time. We snuggle up a bit closer together. It's nice being able to cut loose, here. Compared to my days on the field at one of the alliance's countries, there's less of a feeling of constant, persistent exhaustion. Sure, some people find it boring at Site 70, but when you're part of the future? You're practically witnessing history happen. Though, I don't think most people can bone history as literally as I have. "There's something else I want to talk to you about, Armin."

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And so, I sit there, feeling Mnemosyne lean against me. We're in perfect balance - our weight, our strength complementing each other. I don't really know how things are going to play out from here, but I don't have to. We lean in and we kiss, for the umpteenth time. This time, it feels a bit different. The scent of the wind, her scent, are mixed together by the sea breeze. In this moment, everything feels just right. I'm sure she feels the same.
>[END OF RECORDING.] >[DO YOU WISH TO VIEW AGAIN? Y/N] >-N >Thank you for using the Splinter Assistance Wizard.
I never did find out how those two came together before. I wonder if one of these splinters has my own birth recorded? ... Well, that's the first of many done. I was hoping that Argine didn't have to meet Amica now, of all times. This makes it so, so much harder. I'll have to increase security, adjust plans... But as long as Argine makes it out fine, then it'll all be worth it. There are things she doesn't need to know, that the others don't need to know. ... Then why did I put this thing together? Did I just have to relive all of the past? ...But I had to understand. I had to understand why everything happened. I can feel my exhaustion in my bones. That's enough for tonight. If I can't take care of myself, how do I expect to take care of others? Maybe the nightmares would leave me alone for tonight. ...

Last Trace - Chapter 1 Cross 03/31/2022 (Thu) 07:19:37 No. 285 [Reply] [Last]
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"What about those?", I ask, pointing at the rings on her arms. "The Amp Rings... they're more straightforward than the Blink Capacitor, but sometimes, simplicity is strong! When activated, they temporarily augment your physical strength, allowing you to lift heavier things, as well as allowing you to jump or climb distances more effectively! I wouldn't recommend punching people with it though... the poor soldier I asked broke her arm when she knocked the sandbag clean off it's hook." The Amp Ring does sound pretty useful in it's own right, but I imagine it's strength-amplifying property is the real appeal for me, personally. It'll amp up other gadgets if I slot it in as a passive effect. Breaking your arm when you punch someone sounds like a terrible deal when it comes to last resorts. The equivalent of trading the gravy ration for a shitty veg-omelet ration when we're doing one of those simulated long-march camps. I cross my arms, examining the two gadgets she has on her. Honestly? If these things were able to be mass produced, I'd feel sorry for whoever was on the other end. "So what's the catch? You're offering me a choice, not both of them at the same time. Though I do appreciate having one of these at all." Especially when I'm so starved for gadget options. I'm quite formidable when I'm fully equipped, if I do say so myself. Diagram takes the two gadgets off herself, placing them back onto the workbench. "These two gadgets... well, they're fairly new. I haven't tested or refined them as much as I'd like. They're still perfectly usable, and we don't have the time to wait around for both of them to be fully polished, but I would like to hold onto one of them to make improvements to." "Can't you just make another copy of both?" She shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I can't. If I were to do that, I'd need materials from outside of Site 70, through the Weave Nexus. And with that on lockdown..." I sigh. "...we're not going to get any of that until I'm done with the tournament." Diagram frowns for a bit.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>[DEVICE ANALYSIS] >AMP RINGS >Gadget developed by Diagram. Has a limited battery life. >Allows for the temporary amplification of physical strength. Can be used to pick up and move objects heavier than usual, but is limited by the user's own size and durability. Other physical traits can be amplified, such as jumping distance and height, but this can pose a risk to the user when used without cushioning or ways to slow one's fall. >WARNING: Usage of this gadget offensively has demonstrated significant recoil to the user. >Tags: Empowering, Amplifying, Intensifying >BLINK CAPACITOR >Gadget developed by Diagram. Limited charges, must be manually renewed after combat. >Allows for near-instantaneous short-ranged teleportation when activated. Can teleport in any valid direction, as long as there is nothing impeding the user's path of travel. User is temporarily intangible during the teleportation, but physical matter is pushed away upon reappearing, effectively protecting the user from small projectiles briefly. >Tags: Displacing, Replacing, Intangible

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>I thought Wirehead wasn't a term for someone with neural implants. ...Those cadets weren't talking about neural implants. >Choose the Blink Capacitor! >Blink Capacitor can work extremely well with your other gadgets. >If mom can work the kinks out, the Amp Rings will be AMAZING! I choose to grab the Blink Capacitor, then. If Diagram can get the problems fixed with the Amp Rings, then that's going to be more useful for us down the line than grabbing it immediately. Still, even if there was recoil, if I was using it passively, that wouldn't affect my gadgets negatively, as I only have to deal with the recoil if I'm using the Amp Rings as a primary gadget. Sometimes, I just don't get why Diagram goes out of the way to be nice to me. Hah. If I was being pragmatic, I'd say it's because the two of us are both rejects in some ways, but that girl's probably got more going for her at least in the noggin'. Holding the little cube in my hand... it pulses every so often. I can't wait to try and figure out how this thing works once I get back to my room. It smells vaguely of... smoke. >Hey, aren't you going to run some diagnostics on us? Ah, damn, I knew I was forgetting something! "Yo Diagram, by the way, the SAI's been asking about diagnostics. Apparently they're concerned that someone compromised the systems, or is tracking us, or something like that."

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Uh, alright. I don't know if you guys have costume parties up there... wherever you are, but I guess if it's obvious when someone's spying on us, then there's no worries about it. Besides, maybe Diagram's own investigation into what the hell is up with Amica could lead to some results. "Alright, well if you find out something, lemme know." Before I go, I ask for the Blink Capacitor's blueprints, which I quickly stuff into my jacket. I thank Diagram again before leaving, walking out into the chilly hallways of Site 70 at night. While I travel the lonely halls back home, I look over the little cube in my hand. This little thing... it's going to be a big help for the upcoming battles, that's for sure. The light outside are dimmer than usual. That's usually the indicator that it's time to go to bed, since sometimes it's hard to tell what time it is outside, though I believe the Sector Bosses said something about the lights being dimmed to help with falling asleep when it's time to rest. >I don't know if this the right time to ask this but since this will be probably the last time we could ever meet & talk with I want to ask these questions. Is magic really a thing? You know, because of the cards you gave us earlier. Like wizards sorcery to supernatural beings and everything in between? This ain't going to be the last time we're going to have a conversation like this, buddy. You lot are all stuck inside of me. But, yeah, I can consider it for a bit. Magic's apparently real, according to Diagram. I haven't ever been out of this facility, so I can't really confirm it myself. To be honest, I've kinda assumed that it was other people screwing with me. But with Diagram talking about it like that, out there in the wider universe, there is apparently magic. The people in this facility don't really have much contact with that, and Diagram's probably the closest thing we've got to an expert on that. She's done research for the Exotic Materials department after all, and that's kinda the place where all the weirdness of the facility gets concentrated in. I hear some things about what other worlds are like, but they're never really consistent. Other worlds are like ours, where there's a lot of tech, while some worlds are like they're straight out of Diagram's storybooks. Not sure how I feel about those, but I guess it makes sense? If someone can think of a world like that existing in a story, then surely there's a world out there that's just like that?

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>Nickel's Parasignia - could be full body manifestation. That's... definitely an image. Now I'm imagining her strutting around with knives sticking out of her. I'm not too experienced with fighting against other Parasignia users yet, so your considerations are really important for this. I didn't even know that could even be a possibility, since my Parasignia and Judicium's are pretty straightforward in execution. Parasignia... science isn't a strong suit of mine. Diagram's talked about it on occasion, and Melee combat against Nickel sounds like a bad idea anyway since she trains against Astrolysis on a regular basis. That meathead is much too fast for someone her size, and I don't have that level of size advantage either. I'd probably be diced up in the process. We can talk more when it's time, but considering an opponent's Parasignia is going to be increasingly important as we progress, since it's a massive information disadvantage I have, as basically everyone else knows what my Parasignia is. >This may sound weird, but Astrolysis likes you. So what? She's still going to be in my way, and her hobby is beating the shit out of people near her. The reason why Nickel's her best friend is because she's the only other person who's perfectly fine playing knife-games with her, and because they don't mind actively cutting each other. Me, I can appreciate a training partner, but not one that tries to maim you in the process, regeneration or not. >You should get her out of the way next. Yall could really get along together. If the rest of you are on board with that, I'd be glad to. About time I showed her who's really boss around here. As for being friends with her... I wouldn't know about that. You generally choose not to hang around people who've kicked your shit in, especially during the times you haven't asked about it.

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Last Trace - Re: Prelude Cross 03/30/2022 (Wed) 03:52:57 No. 180 [Reply] [Last]
This is a mirror of a pre-existing quest, Last Trace, that also revamps the prelude in order to make it more accessible to new readers. Suggestions from its original run will be uploaded alongside the revamped pages of the Prelude, though due to changes made in the story revamp, suggestions may not line up with the story presented. Care has been taken to ensure that the progression of the story remains the same as the original run. Reading the suggestions is optional but could grant additional insight into the mindsets of the players who helped shape Argine’s story. The original prelude can be found at: https://questden.org/wiki/Last_Trace Discord: https://discord.gg/x9QHPvzhdD Suggestions will not be available for readers until the mirror catches up with the original quest’s current update, after which suggestions will be accepted on all sites hosting Last Trace’s story. —----- Their chains won't hold me forever.
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>We will stay silent for the moment. Alright. ... Thanks. I kneel in front of the statue, placing the bullet in front of the box. It was Judicium who had taught me about this tradition to begin with, but I guess I kept it going. That was back when I thought she actually did care about me. The bullets don't have to match the preferred weapons of the heroes after all - rather, it represents the strength and desire we have to fulfill certain goals we have. Whether it's to protect, to conquer, or to destroy. "Urza, grant me your blessing, the strength to destroy those who oppose me. With your spear and your wrath, I'll carve a path through my enemies - to my own freedom." It's a short prayer - fighting's the true way to show devotion, at least with most of the heroes. I stand up, my legs shaking. My body's complaining about me moving around with that injury of mine, and now that the adrenaline from my little 'discussion' with Jin's gone, I'm feeling like Astrolysis decked me again.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I can hear the door to the Hall of Heroes slam shut behind me. With that, the static fuzz of your voices start straining in my mind. Yeah, yeah. I know you're all programmed to keep an eye on me or somehting like that, so you can't keep your mouths shut for too long. But I needed a little time for myself. As much as I hate it - my thoughts drift back to that time when I listened in on Judicium talking to someone - saying that I may as well have been better dead. It was after the tournament, and my big loss to my sister. Hearing that was... it knocked me off balance at the time. I guess it was part of why I realized that, nobody in this place really cares about me. That I'm just an experiment. Maybe Nanoweaver and Diagram do, but it feels like they have no choice. I'm one of Diagram's friends, and Nanoweaver made me. They're obligated to support me. They're some of the few people in this facility who do. They understand what I'm feeling, where I'm coming from. >Is this a mental facility? >Your perception is warped. Says you. You're nothing more than some splinter in my head, talkin' about what's right or wrong. I'm trapped in here against my will when there's a perfectly good way out. How am I in the wrong for this? If they give me the option to fight, I'll take it. And, hate to break it to you - but if there's any consistency with us clones, we all love fighting, one way or another. Guess that brief silence wasn't going to last too long - you people just can't be quiet, can you? I guess that's what you're made for. By the end of all of this, I'm going to use whatever power I can to get rid of you all. Nothing personal, but... you were injected into me to watch me. I can't just let them chase me, hound me for the rest of my life when I'm meant to have escaped by then.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I feel the familiar chill of my room when I open the door. It's modest, like any other soldier's room. Diagram got a special one to herself since she's always tinkering with something and needs the space - part of which is taken up by her storybook collection. I look over at the bed, which is looking more enticing than ever. What Jin said still sticks with me, as much as I hate it, but the emotional and physical exhaustion I've been through today is threatening to make me fall over.. >If Jin does love you... Love, huh? Diagram's the only person who ever really uses that word. I don't really know what it means. Something about caring for someone else a lot? But hell, I wouldn't know. I'd care if someone pushed me out of the lunch line, or if they were being extremely frustrating to deal with. Is that love? Besides, I think Jin already knows about what Ozone and Judicium do to me. She always knows something I don't. Am I just out of the loop because they deem me as someone who's just that inferior? If she loved me, she'd know when to leave me alone, right? Still... what she said about heroes. Why does she talk about the Sector Bosses like that, why does she support them even though they're intent on suppressing me? Is that what heroes are like in the outside world? >Becoming a hero is how you'll be remembered after you die Then what do you call those who fight against injustice in day to day life? Because when I leave, when I make a name for myself in places I've never even heard of before, they'll learn to respect me.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I sit on the side of my mattress, taking off my jacket. It's been a long day - but I can't let what Jin said to me throw me off. I have to rest well for tomorrow, maximize my odds of success. There's still some echoing voices in my head... but they're growing fainter. Maybe... maybe when I'm tired, I'll be able to get some respite from you. >Who wouldn't be distressed about their own sister having such a fatalist outlook on her life? We're clones, SAI. We're made for an explicit purpose. If we didn't have that purpose, we wouldn't exist in the first place. If I was meant to lead some kind of different life, I wouldn't be trained to use these weapons in the first place. Though... I'm not really sure what I was made for. I'll figure it out. I know I want to be a hero, to be that person that everyone looks up to. That's what I think my purpose is, anyway. I take off my jacket, brushing the dust off the sleeves. Not much clings onto the low-friction fabric, and I toss it onto my footlocker afterwards. The rest of my clothes follow, and I'm left feeling like I've just a hundred laps around the training course. I curl up on the tough mattress - it's been with me for three years, now. Three years I've been here, three years I've been under the control of these people. Judicium, Ozone, my sister, the others... has anything really changed for me since then? Tomorrow's when it all begins. I'll be out of here, soon... I want to see the outside world. Then I'll decide what I'll do. I'll do it my way.
Mmh... I'll... I'll talk to all of you again when it's time... ....... PRELUDE: END Next Thread: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/285.html Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Last_Trace Discord: https://discord.gg/x9QHPvzhdD

Something Wicked Cross 11/19/2021 (Fri) 11:04:17 No. 119 [Reply]
"Everything that happens before Death is what counts." - Ray Bradbury
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I’m fine with going to the tav urn I may look a little out of place but I’m sure the mostly won’t mind the scorched floorboards
go to the loan store, nothing is more powerful or evil than usury
>GHOST You're incorporeal, dumbass! *Ahem*. By that I mean, you do not have a physical presence in this world. That's why we need MINIONS, after all - they can do the work that the supernatural cannot alone. On that note... The teams have been chosen! I will head to LOANY THE LONESOME'S along with Flamedrake, in order to create a proper negotiation strategy. Dark will be heading to the Tav-urn, along with Groppo. You two have already formed a bit of a dynamic with each, haven't you? Well, if anything goes wrong, you've both got your clubs at the ready. Go and find rumors about EYEVILLE that we can exploit in future. And do try not to drink on the job - well, Groppo, anyway. I think Dark knows better than that. Razorphil will be heading to Jen RL's in order to offer your services, while also making your presence known. You are our most intimidating member - but remember, you're not here to rob, only to... persuade the proprietor to support us, one way or another. Try not to get the law enforcement on you before we get around there. Finally, Pheobe and Kul, head to the PARTICULARLY DISTURBING HOUSE in order to investigate it and see if you can make contact with the DOWNREALM DENIZEN who's taken up residence in the area. Pheobe can apply the gentle touch - but if anything happens, Kul's physical strength should hopefully keep her safe.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I am greeted with the foul stench of BLATANT USURY as I step through the veil. Truly, a hive of treachery. In the past, I've considered pursuing such an interest in monetary schemes - such as TRADING QUIRKY PICTURES OF NEARLY-FAMILIAR TAPIRS, of which the only value that exists are speculation and collection. Unfortunately, I was quickly outdone by those wretched STAMP COLLECTORS, who had already been in the industry for years before me! LOANY LONESOME sits behind the desk, smug in all of his glory. In the past, I might have despised people like him - but I've come to respect how, ultimately these people were able to turn the misfortune of others into success for themselves. In school, they would teach the children that success is not a finite resource. I agree. But it is easier to reach out and take the success of other's failures. That was what I failed to realize when I was young - and so I resented those who cast me out. Now? I am privy to these strategies - and I've incorporated them into my own skillset. Pragmatism can only yield dividends. For now, it seems that LOANY is currently engaged with a DISTRESSED CUSTOMER. "But Loany! I can't afford this month's rent! Please, I need another loan, or else I'll be doomed!" Oh, boo hoo. Oftentimes, people like this are products of their own actions. Poorer folk cannot afford to spend money on frivolous things - and you'll find that with clever saving, one can claw their way up even some of the harshest economies in the UPREALM, provided they are not being duped by their Lords. ...Unfortunately for me, fortune does not shine on people like me so straightforwardly. "Sorry Mr... Buddison. I don't do credit."

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Finding rumors in a tavern is rather hard given the fact there’s people who are a tad bit scared of well fire and spikes so we could just calmly approach someone important-looking and very drunk to tell us various bits and pieces of information

Last Trace - Prelude Cross 10/04/2021 (Mon) 00:50:43 No. 102 [Reply]
(Last Trace is a quest started in June 2020, and is currently on-going in Questden. Panels and content will be gradually reposted on Get Ye Flask until it catches up to the current thread, which is Chapter 2. Once it does, I will be taking suggestions from both sites. Replies before the threads reach parity are appreciated, but no replies will be used as input to the quest until it has caught up.) -------- Their chains can't hold me forever.
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I’ll go see Diagram then, and see if I can convince her to part with some info on you guys. I’ll answer your questions as I go, but for a couple of voices in my head, you guys really don’t know much about this place, do you? >Simulations What are you yammering on about? The only kinds of simulations I’ve heard about are more like training exercises. I don’t think this place has the tech to make entire worlds, or simulating hundreds of people. >Device Training Don’t you DARE accuse me of cheating. I earned my victories, and nobody has a right to invalidate them. The tech department cooks up various gadgets for use in combat, and it’s our jobs to learn that you’re meant to throw the grenade after you pull the pin. I effectively passed three difficulties of training, meaning that I’m one of the best in the facility when it comes to their usage. I’ve got proficiency in all different kinds of gadgets, applying them in combat and repairing them when they break down. Tier three was the most difficult – putting me in a situation where I had to repair multiple broken combat devices under pressure before my position was overwhelmed, using the fixed gadgets to fight back against multiple opponents with different resistances. It’s an artificial scenario, but one that really tested you. I passed, spectacularly, in front of dozens of spectators. >What are Parasignias? Here’s a question for you, then. What was the worst moment in your lives? What was the best? A Parasignia is a badge of honor in this place. But in reality, it’s more like a mark on your psyche, made manifest. Can you imagine being held back, even after one of your greatest successes? The feeling lingers in you. >Elite soldier Well, the idea that I’m just so good that they want to make me into an elite sounds great, but doesn’t make any sense. After all, the higher ups are the elite soldiers, so if they wanted me in, they could just invite me like they did for my ‘sister’. >Polo, Charlemagne, Zack I don’t know these people, they don’t sound like any of the war heroes I’ve ever heard of. >Judicium It would be easier to follow instructions if she actually gave me any. I don’t really know what love is, it’s such a weird concept. But I don’t think it involves broken limbs and lost teeth. Either way – once I figure out more about you, I’m going to make her regret it. Even if she’s listening in on this right now.

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I stand outside the door, glaring at her for a moment. She doesn’t budge, nor does she speak up. Screw it. I’m not really in the mood for asking when I’ve got dozens of voices implanted into my head. I’ll answer your questions later, once I actually know what you are. “You know what I’m here for, Diagram. I’m coming in.” “Ah, wait-!“ I push past her and park myself on the side of her bed. Her room smells of oil, soldering and dashed expectations. Besides what appeared to be a couple of gun parts lying around her work-bench, there doesn’t seem to be anything significantly out of place. She tosses a couple of nervous glances at the desk, but quickly settles her gaze back onto me after closing the door behind her. “So, what? You helped the higher ups with this, didn’t you?” Diagram looks taken aback, but the emotions I’m sensing from her don’t change. Still a generalised ball of anxiety, she is. But she didn’t turn on her implant, even after I reminded her about it. “Argine…” She coughs. “Yes, I did help.” I sit up, and her anxiety flares for a moment. “BUT, but! I made it so that they don’t work like the higher ups think they do!” “Explain.” I cross my legs, glaring at her.

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A brief, stinging sensation. Did she just- Diagram’s staring at me with a quiet intensity – the kinds of which I rarely ever see from such a meek girl. {H-hey! Just because I don’t like being shot as much as you do, doesn’t mean I’m meek, Argine!} What? “Why are you in my head? You don’t have telepathy! I don’t need more people hanging around in my skull!” She responds mentally, like she’s beaming her thoughts straight into my head. And unlike the smothering discomfort of her emotional radiation, the words are clear and crisp – ringing shots in the hail of words. {Sorry for the sudden contact, Argine! I wasn’t sure if the SAI would be able to link up to me or not, but this was a little unexpected. They’re just so… chatty. But, if I’m not too far away from you, I can talk to you through the SAI. It translates my thoughts into something you can hear, too.} Great, so that’s even less privacy than before. Diagram lets go of my face, stepping back. “I won’t be able to hear your thoughts unless you specifically want me to, Argine. The SAI routes it to me, making physical contact was just to set it up the first link. However, I can still send you messages regardless.” She closes her eyes, concentrating. Once again, her voice pops up in my head. {The SAI aren’t people, Argine. They’re artificial splinters of individuals the program records, using their experiences and personality as a basis for giving strategic advice. Once, they might have been used for keeping records, but they’re something more now. I simply re-activated a component that the higher-ups weren’t aware of.} A small smile crosses her face, as locks eyes with me again. “You now have much of the facility’s knowledge in you, Argine. Although they may be eccentric, with their help, you’ll be able to fight better than you’ve ever had before with their advice. ” So I can trust you guys, for now. But I don’t even know where to start. What the hell is Diagram thinking? She didn’t tell me any of this before!

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#nsfw This quest began in May of 2018 and is currently ongoing on Questden. I will be reposting this quest here on GYF, in full, until it has caught up with the quest in its currently-running state. At that point, I will transition to running the quest concurrently both here and on Questden, taking suggestions on both sites. At the time of this writing, this chapter is the first of three so far. Replies between updates are welcome, but no replies will be used as input to the quest until parity has been reached with the Questden version. ''This quest is NSFW and will become quite explicit at times.`` ---------- A foggy haze lifts from your mind, as though you just woke from a deep sleep. Your throat feels ragged and dry. Your vision clears, revealing a small, dimly-lit room carved out of solid rock.
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You notice that he's watching holoporn, and the thought comes to you that showing some skin (or fur?) might entice him to give you some answers. You don't like the idea, however; your amnesia makes you vulnerable, and who knows whether he'd see it as an opportunity to take advantage of you. For now, you decide, you'll just try to ply some information from him and save your feminine wiles as a last resort. "It's okay, I don't want a refund," you reply. >He cocks an eyebrow at you. "You don't want refund? Not like most zombie. Usually big fight." "Can I ask you a few questions, though?" >"No. Busy." He gestures to the smutty hologram. You frown in response, but he doesn't seem to notice nor care. "Please? I'm in a really bad spot here." >"Why are zombie always so annoying," he complains to no one in particular, gritting his teeth. "Look, just give me a couple straight answers, and I'll be out of your hair." You glance at his hairless scalp. "Er, so to speak." ---- >He glares at you for a moment, sizing you up. Finally, he sighs, swiveling in his chair to face you. "Ask." "What do you know about Vesper?" >"Zombie, like you." "What about their book downstairs?" >"Help Vesper find you? Dunno."

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>search pockets You search your pockets and find, aside from the page, jar, and sphere from earlier, a small empty vial with a faded label. GR____________O_PLEX-B PROG_________3__B PAYLO________6___ PROPER____F T______________NAMICS UNAUTHOR___D US_________________ITED ---- Gazing down at the waterfront, you notice a scattering of lights in the distance. ----

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You decide going deeper into the city would be the more dangerous route, and instead head down the road towards the waterfront. Nothing stirs as you pass by, and you're thankful for it, but the quiet of this place still makes you uneasy. Even the insects are silent. The stillness is broken somewhat as you round the corner and come close to the beach; the sound of gentle waves and lapping water calms your nerves a little. A sand-covered road stretches far in front of you, flanked by a boardwalk separating it from the beach strand. The area is littered with amusements and shop stalls, all deserted. You guess they were abandoned in a hurry, judging from the boxes and various junk littered about, although the state of disarray it is in suggests that it was rifled through and looted since then. Several of the buildings here have evacuation signs plastered on them, all pointing further down the road. You notice that a nearby sand dune seems disturbed in an odd way; it looks like a section was carved or blown out of it, but at this distance you can't hazard a guess as to what caused it. Further down, you see a pale light emanating from one of the buildings. Choosing to be cautious, you remain still and watch for a few minutes, but you don't see any movement across the light. ---- Glancing at the lights across the water, you notice now that some of them are moving, but none of them seem to be getting any closer.
>why are you here? You wish you knew! >where are you going next? Somewhere more closely resembling civilization, you hope. Maybe across the water, towards those lights? >check pulse You place a couple fingers on the underside of your neck and, sure enough, you feel your heartbeat. Whatever you are, you don't seem to be undead in any way. >Is there something in the window top left? You're pretty sure that's just a lamp that got knocked over. >sneak towards the light You approach the lit storefront, trying to remain as quiet as possible. The moonlight can't reach this spot, leaving it to be illuminated by the pale fluorescent light coming from behind the shop's half-closed shutter. You stop in your tracks when you hear a faint rustling coming from inside.
>Inspect trail Aside from bits of trash and detritus on the ground, you notice a trail of some substance leading inside the shop. Upon closer inspection, you see that it's some kind of liquid that's had enough time to dry partway. You think it might be blood, but the blue hue of the light makes it difficult to be sure, and you'd rather not try tasting nor smelling it. Was someone hurt here? ---- You sneak over to the left side of the door, as quietly as you can, and peek under the shutter. From here, the place appears empty; but you still hear the rustling sound, which seems to be coming from deeper within the shop. It occurs to you that this might be a good place to have a look at that glyph, if you can get the shutter closed.

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In a significant little corner of what would be the magical world... You are the newly-made apprentice of a rather well-equipped and powerful spellcaster. Even though magic has only been a part of your life for so little time, you can already see great things in your future.. or so you hope. Morning light has been shining through your door for the past few hours or so... and as a new student, your day is quite busy. And the first thing you know you should establish.. is a name. What is your name, young apprentice? trying this again, but with a different approach! good thing, too- this idea might be a better approach!
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>>63 You're gonna want to hold off, for now. After all, you don't want to damage your master's possessions! We should probably get going soon - which of the tasks on your list are the closest to where you're at?
>>63 Say, what's your master's name anyway? He's powerful, sure, but what kind of magical feats made him known, if at all, in the magicking world?
>>64 >>65 Last you remember, Samson's a little closer- just a short walk away, near the village. You sorta remember the way. Your master? Atticus Vancebold Meridius! An explorer, an alchemist, a biologist, a scholar.. what DOESN'T this guy do? You could go on forever, but keeping it short- this guy's technically part of the reason why magic exists as it does today. He was a colleague of one of the scholars that developed the system of magic EVERYONE uses.. but he had other plans. Using his abilities, he explored the world and discovered new things... documenting at least 7 new magical species and developing a (prototype) panacea are some of his relevant achievements, and he's always looking for an assistant to make more. You just happened to be that lucky.
>>61 Clean the middle of the room then. Gotta keep it neat and tiny for our great master. After that we should probably go to the basement to see if the foci are there and/or put some of this stuff away.
>>63 try a projection and a light rune for a cool flashlight!