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Amm 08/19/2021 (Thu) 16:12:21 No. 16 [Reply]
Welcome questers and Game Masters! Q: How do I archive my threads? Threads will automatically archive if they have more than 100 posts once they fall off the board. If you want to archive them sooner, then you can contact a moderator. Q: How do I set a custom Favicon? You can set a thread favicon by uploading an image that is either 32x32 or 16x16, is a png, and has the word 'favicon' in your OP. Q: How do I set a webhook? A webhook is a thing provided by many services, namely Discord, to push updates to. You can set a custom webhook for thread updates by putting the webhook url into the options field of your OP. Q: What is OP Mode? OP mode hides all posts that weren't made by OP. It is found in the top right of the navbar. Q: What is Gallery Mode? Gallery Mode displays only images from the thread that you're in. It is found in the top right of the navbar.

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Last Trace - Chapter 4 Cross 01/31/2023 (Tue) 23:31:43 No. 1131 [Reply] [Last]
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...It's full of flowers swaying in the wind. Occasionally, a petal drifts onto my bloodstained coat. Despite there being some wind, I don't hear it. In fact... this whole place is quiet. Peaceful, even. I can barely hear myself breathe. Though I can see flashes of light in the distance, there's no thunder. Mnemosyne stands in the distance... In one sweep of the arm, she tosses her shattered helmet away.
It's odd - Mnemosyne's not even armed, but as we lock gazes, a strange feeling comes over me. This place feels... familiar, in a different sense. I'm reminded of that grave above, with the flowers all around her. "This world of mine... it's always felt nostalgic, even though I've only had it for a short time." Her voice rings through the silence, causing me to tense up. She'd barely spoken a whole sentence during this whole fight. "Armintell. He was one of the first people to welcome me into this world. We used to spar with one-another, then laugh about it outside. Picnics. At a blacksite." Reminiscing, huh? I don't have much to reminisce over, but there's something about this... "Do you think about your purpose, Argine? As a soldier? What were you made for?" ...

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>This is an opportunity to talk. >Show her the respect you know she deserves. Sure. Let's talk, then. "Been doin' a lot of thinking since I was locked in here with all of you", I start. "Can't say that this hasn't been valuable. But why talk now? Plenty of time to do that after swappin' blows." "Lessons taught are less effective without context." She looks off into the distance at the swirling clouds and wind. "This is the first time someone has pushed me to this extent since I gained this power." Good to know that I'm doing well. Silence hangs over the two of us as we stand there.

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I raise my fists. >Everyone else seems to think they know your purpose better than you do. Yeah. At least when you talk to me, Sykes, you're giving me something to think about. That deserves acknowledgement. "So, I've got a question for you. Why fight to keep me here? It ain't because you all seriously think there's something wrong with me, is there? You wouldn't need a whole tournament to figure that out, if it's even true." I stand my ground, looking her in the eye. Then, she speaks. "Would you believe it was on your sister's insistence?" ... ...She was the one who had this planned out?

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A burst of petals - and she vanishes. I'm left alone in the quiet field of flowers, as I maintain my stance. The stinging pains of my injuries fade back into the background. You know... A strange sense of focus settles in. I'm at a disadvantage, in a field of flowers whose properties are all but unknown to me. But I don't feel any fear at all. I know what I have to do, and I can take a good guess at what she's doing. I'm betting she's going to appear behind me, but - we're going to need a strategy. No cards, no gadgets, no guns. It's only fair - if this is her world, she would have easily annihilated me. Luckily for me, we're in a tournament. I'd be dead if we weren't.

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ORDER UP Jynn 04/01/2023 (Sat) 16:26:14 No. 1210 [Reply]
Episode II: Attack of the Calzones Previously: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Order_Up Titlecard courtesy of Riotmode!
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>You’re among J- >are we really calling these clowns Jedi? Well, Chiva’s got the signature braid of a padawan. The fact she’s still wearing it is either a bold statement or a remarkable oversight. Mika doesn’t dress the part, but he certainly fights like one. If they can use the Force and they’re being hunted by the Empire, you figure they’ve got as much claim to the title as you do. >Anyway, use the Force You take a breath and try to focus. You wish you were literally anywhere else right now - and the Force obliges. You find yourself looking at your reflection, several meters down the hall. She’s just as confused as you are. You look down at your hands and find it difficult to focus on them, your attention being drawn to the floor or walls instead. The others are mirrored in similar fashion, just in time for the reinforcements to arrive. Their squad leader points menacingly down the hall. “There they are! After them!“ The stormtroopers run right past you like you don’t even exist. Good, let them keep thinking that. You motion for everybody to stay quiet and follow you. The doppelgangers mirror your sprint but run in the opposite direction, and the troopers give chase. You’ve got almost a straight shot to the exit. Alas, just a few doors down from freedom, another squad of Coruscant’s finest comes marching past, and you flatten against the wall to let them pass. There’s quite a lot of them. They must have rallied every soldier in the garrison to the palace. …Really, this just seems excessive for four intruders. You’re starting to get nervous that one of these guys will march right into you. You decide to duck through a door to avoid catching a stray gunbarrel to the face. As the first one in, you scan the room and freeze. You are in a dimly lit, carpeted room. You see a coffee table, a stack of old pizza boxes, and an old man half asleep in front of a holovision drama. “Hmm… *snore*…” ``You’ve said enough, Lance! You killed my husband! No, Janice - I AM your husband! W-what? …That’s not true! That’s impossible! Search your heart, you know it to be true! …Oh, Lance! Oh, Janice…``

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>Just get out of there! You backpedal hard and bump into Mika behind you. He points behind you and shrugs, as if to ask what’s in there. You make a slicing motion and wave him away, as if to say they really shouldn’t go in there. He gives you a quizzical look that says ‘why not?’, until looking over your shoulder he spots the back of the emperor’s hood. Mika starts forward with his arms outstretched and it takes both you and Chiva to drag him away from the door. Mika breaks the silence, protesting, “Oh come on, he’s right there!” “Exactly! Now run!” People nearby are starting to wonder where your voices are coming from, so now you prioritise speed over stealth. You divert your willpower from cloaking to speeding you up, and you run. You run for your lives. You run past stormtroopers so fast that the nearest ones are bowled over, sending the snap shots of the men standing behind them wildly into the ceiling. The rebels in your jetstream start to lag behind, so you grab them each with an arm and drag them along Force knows how with you. You blow the doors off the exit and tumble to a stop next to Poof’s worn out speeder, tossing them aboard like pizzas and hopping into the driver’s seat. The engines roar like an angry rancor as you punch it out of there. You shoot past the security booth and gun it into the oncoming lane of traffic once again. The sounds of sirens are keeping pace with you, even with so many breaking off pursuit or crashing there’s just too many of them. The speeder shakes like it’s going to fall apart. You pray for it to hold together for just one more light… Your focus strays from the road for just a microsecond until Chiva yells to watch out. A tractored trailer is driving across the next intersection, and you’re barreling straight for it! The overworked, overloaded speeder is too heavy and going too fast to turn out of the way or slow down in time. Only one choice left: How badass do you want this escape to be?
>Pepperoni badass with extra cheese Given that down is the direction the speeder is currently most inclined to go, you jam the wheel forward and attempt to dive under the trailer. “Everyone, duck!” You tuck your excessively long neck between your legs and pray the last thing you see is not the stains on the upholstery. Your stomach lurches from the negative gees as the speeder accelerates downward. Time decelerates as you blindly await judgment. There’s no way you’re poking your head up to check if you’ve passed the truck yet. How will you know that, come to think of it? Your question is answered by a shriek of metal on metal and a sudden rush of air as the speeder clips the underside of the truck, tearing off your primary engine. With its decorative rocket fins no longer even pretending to offer stability, the craft veers wildly left and right. You wrestle with the controls to keep the nose up as you desperately look for a safe place to land. Mika taps you on the shoulder. “Jynn, your hair’s on fire.” What? You look behind you to see your ponytail has ignited off the flames shooting out the back of the speeder from damaged fuel lines. “That’s really bad!” “Don’t worry, I’ll put you out. Just keep driving.” Mika grabs your ponytail to extinguish it and your head is pulled back as you protest. “Ack! Stop! Let go!” He lets go and your head nearly rebounds into the windshield. “The flames mean it’s about to explode! Do you understand? We’re gonna have to jump!” “Okay. When?” “Now!” You bail out over the side, and Chiva, Craig and Mika are quick to follow. The speeder explodes in a fireball behind you as you freefall through Coruscant traffic. You brace for imminent impact, and hear a loud bang as you collide with something- soft. Somehow, you’ve landed on a giant inflatable Zillo beast. The bang and subsequent hiss was the air escaping after your high-speed impact. You can hardly believe your luck. “I… I made it?” “We all made it!” Chiva says, popping up nearby. Craig too, gives a thumbs up from the maw of the beast. All except for Mika, who lands with a terrifying thud facedown on the plascrete. A torn banner for the Empire Day parade flutters down, which would explain the balloon. You think he might actually be dead until he peels his face off the pavement. In a dazed voice, he announces, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, cats always… land on their feet.” He shakes the plascrete dust out of his hair and just walks it off like it was nothing. After a quick pinch assures you you’re not dreaming, you slide down and disappear into the crowd assembled for the parade.
You make your way on foot towards the spaceport where Chiva says they have a ship waiting. “I have to say, Jynn, you got us out of a really tough situation. You went above and beyond what could be asked of any deliverywoman.” “Oh, uh, thanks. I was just doing what I could to survive the life-threatening situation you put me in.” “Right... Sorry about that, I did not foresee so many complications to the plan. Few people have faced down an inquisitor and lived to tell about it, let alone those falsely accused of being Jedi.” “Ah, about that… she wasn’t quite as wrong as you think. I used to be a padawan, myself.” Chiva’s ears perk up. “Oh, really? Perhaps it was destiny that we met. I formed this group of Force sensitives to fight the Empire in any way we could. We could really use another member, especially one with your driving skills.” “...You mean, to be your getaway driver? And do all of this on a regular basis?” “It’s usually much less hairy, I promise.” Another offer of recruitment, so soon? You haven’t even quit your last job yet. Speaking of which. “...I’ll have to think about it. But first, I’ve got to make a call.” You ring up Mr. Poof one last time. Oh, Jynn, it’s you. Everything went well, then? “Well… not exactly. It was another prank call.” Oh.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

-THE END- Thank you for reading. And thanks to Mika, Craig, Chiva, and the rest of the OK Gang’s players. And Jukashi, Riotmode and Tippler too, while I’m at it. -FINAL SCORE- KILLS: 11 PIZZAS: 12/13 SECRETS: 7/9 EMPLOYEE MORALE: A NEW HOPE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: RIPPERONI
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Crossing the Rubicon Cammy #Kmkshj 09/15/2022 (Thu) 22:53:20 No. 827 [Reply] [Last]
Take 2 Kicker, a herreras and a claw captain of the 557th squadron of the great Mountain's grand army, deadpanned. Lowtail, herreras and claw on-field medic, grinned at Kicker. “A group photo.” She said, crossing her arms. “You know we'll have to burn it, right?” “It'll stay here.” Lowtail poked his head. “This is the furthest we've ever been from the mountains, and it's not like we're doing anything else.” As he said that Snapper, a feather, landed near them and picked up a bag. They were about to cross a very rickety bridge over a very deep creek, and nobody trusted the bridge to bear the weight of their equipment so Snapper was flying it across beforehand. They'd been marching counterrootwise for ten days and then ten more now, tailed by a tooth unit, under strict orders to avoid being sighted (Or, failing that, deal with anyone who saw them) and to signal the tooth of anyone who might see him. Kicker hugged herself a little tighter. “Fine. But we burn it.” “And you have to be in it.” Added Lowtail. Kicker grunted under her breath. “Boss.” “What… Scraptooth.” She said, sliding a claw to the shotgun on her waist. Scraptooth laid, bored, on the ground, oblivious to the… thing silently coming out of the sand behind him. “Captain.” He saluted. “What's with the look?”
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tgc >>1052215 >>1052222 Kicker found herself falling back to instinct, crouching down in the grass to a quadruped pose, positioned to pounce at or away from an attacker at a moment's notice. On her shoulder, the gun bug continued to make odd noises until it finalized with a deep click. She recognized the noises from hearsay, and knew the pistol was now fully loaded and ready to fire a stream of bullets. She inhaled once. Twice. Thrice. The air was still and boiling and hard to breathe, and on top of the rock the… centipede? Worm? Continued the sniff the air. After -she counted- fifteen more breaths it crawled away, and Kicker could hear the click-click-click of its front claws as they struck the stone on its way down. Kicker waited, but thankfully it didn't go her way, and after a moment longer even the rustling of the creature in the grass was gone. Had it not smelled them? Or had it just not cared? She listed the facts in the back of her mind as she crawled closer to the stone outcrop: No eyes and the smelling meant it probably was nocturnal. But why stay on top of the stone? She thought about it while looking for the lookout's door. The pistol bug helped her, and the moment she opened the door it sprinted up the stairs jumping from step to step. She followed more slowly, and had to stop when she reached the top. A cicada laid on the floor, wounded and struggling to breathe.
tgc >>1052450 >>1052514 5ch >>5506512 Kicker crouched by the cicada to have a closer look at the wounds, acting automatically while she thought. The bite marks were… a saurian would've bled out in a few minutes, but if dropping contact happened due to being attacked the bug had to have been there for a terrifying time. “Get me bandages.” The pistol bug ran off somewhere and Kicker, delicately, moved the bug to check the broken hindleg, could that even be healed? “Are you awake.” She asked thoughtlessly, not expecting a response, but there was a choked rasp. “You are?” “You're… real?” The cicada wheezed. “Yes. I have liquor-” “Blood too… low. Starving…” She opened a jar as fast as she could and the pistol, who'd brought her strips of cloth from another room, egged her to lower it, then tore bits of food as small as it could to feed to the cicada.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

tgc >>1052677 4ch >>5506512 Kicker pressed the bandage hard but not too hard, wondering if the spicy smell was some antiseptic. How long had this bug laid on the floor like this? She wished -selfish though it was- that the rifle had come with her… it would've helped her feel safer from the big worm outside. But it had made its choice. “Yes, the… the kid… Tried… talk but she… asleep, I got careless…” Something tugged at her and she stopped bandaging, her brow furrowed. The gun stared at the cicada. “Don't… care, we stuck for… the kids… remember?” The gun kept staring. “Shut it, git… been bleeding for… so long and you… chastise…” He was silent for a moment. “Won't shoot a kid.”

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tgc >>1052899 >>1052936 “It ignored me.” “Don't think so… smelled easier prey.” The cicada said as Kicker bandaged it. “The Whole must've taught her to… to resent saurs while in the egg…” The cicada paused for longer this time. What could she say to that? Kicker wasn't even fully sure what he was talking about, so she went back to bandaging and said, “I don't know how to help you.” “Already… helping…” “I don't intend to bandage you and leave you to die. Your friend helped me. What if the… the girl enters?” “Too big… not a doctor…”
tgc >>1053408 >>1053413 >>1053482 What could she do? Kicker tightened the bandages and wrapped the cicada's broken leg before going to the radio. It was a huge, hungry, dangerous thing and she had a wounded person and was barely armed. It was a kid who just didn't know what she was doing. She fiddled with the machine and waited with a claw pressed against her brow, churning out a barely coherent stream of conciousness under her breath. Had she heard about the bugs having anything like this? Something… something, a story to warn new recruits that bugs always were more dangerous than they seemed. A regiment takes a city. The citizens tell them not to enter a building, so of course a young cadet (It's always cadets making mistakes in the official reports; surely a commander or general would never be cocky) goes in anyhow. Giant bugs burst out of it, rampaging and killing many of the regiment and bug citizens. A loud burst of static and the sharpshooter's voice cut her train of thought, “Miss?” “It's me.” She took the mic. “I found your friend. He's hurt, there's a… he says it's a girl, but-” “Calm now. First things first, how is he hurt.” She sighed and pressed the claw harder against her face. “The girl bit him. Tore out a chunk of his side and a few legs. I bandaged him, but I'm no doctor.” No answer.

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Last Trace - Interlude 3 Cross 12/07/2022 (Wed) 00:40:00 No. 1052 [Reply]
>[ESTABLISHING REMOTE CONNECTION] >[SPLINTER RECOVERY: FAILED] >[SEARCHING FOR FAMILIARITY RECORDS...] >[DISPLAYING INTERFACE GUIDELINES] Welcome to the Splinter Analysis Wizard (SAW), [USER]. Playback of the recorded memory will begin soon. Would you like assistance? >N Understood. Operation reminder: When probing the splinter with questions, keep it short and direct. The more connected a splinter is to the question, the more likely it is for the SAW to simulate accurate memory approximations. It is recommended that you only ask one question at a time. >[TIME DISPLAY - 352 PD]

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Last Trace - Chapter 3 Cross 06/10/2022 (Fri) 13:33:12 No. 661 [Reply] [Last]
Prelude: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/180.html Chapter 1: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/285.html Chapter 2: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/443.html Discord: https://discord.gg/x9QHPvzhdD Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Last_Trace Starting from this post, Last Trace is now actively taking suggestions on GYF! ---- Things were different before. But now, I'm going to have fun caving her head in.
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"Problem is... I have a feeling that whoever's setting this thing up doesn't like Nanoweaver. It's almost guaranteed to be Amica, but - do we want to directly ask Nanoweaver about this? She doesn't like Amica and I have the feeling that she's hiding something big from us, even if I know she cares about me." ...What Amica said - about one of the two lying to us... why do I get the feeling that she's not wrong? People lie to people they care about too. I don't doubt that Nanoweaver cares about me, but... can I really doubt her intentions with this as well? "I could talk to Amica instead, directly. Have her address this problem at the root instead of us guessing." But it would mean giving the SAI Splinters over to what amounts to a rogue SAI. "From my own talks with Amica...I don't think she's a bad person, Argine. But I don't know if it's better to bring it to Amica or Nanoweaver. But we should choose now. You don't have all the time in the world." I think Diagram has a point. We need to choose what the best way forward is - whether we approach Nanoweaver or Amica with these splinters. Diagram doesn't know what Nanoweaver's told us - but... there's a chance that Nanoweaver removed those splinters herself. Or that they have something ABOUT her that she'd really not have me find out. In addition, I have a feeling that Diagram's intentionally avoiding talking about her father. I could definitely press her on that issue but part of me's worried about how things are going to play out. But if we do, we could be getting info that's going to give us much more context for some of the broader-scope issues going on here. So, here's my question: Should we bring the Splinters to Nanoweaver or Amica? We could also take the third route and try to find a solution ourselves, but... I don't like that idea much either. If you needed to hitch a ride out of a warzone and there were two unmarked transports who claim they've got your interests at heart, versus a scooter you found in a ditch that's still functional. We MAY get out of there safely - or we could get screwed even harder. In addition to that: Should I press Diagram for more info on her dad?

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Edited last time by Cross on 11/26/2022 (Sat) 10:03:25.
>That would explain the bullet, wouldn't it? it's meant for if you go berserk. Not entirely. I can see the idea behind that, but if they wanted to get rid of me, there's a lot more effective ways to do it than a magic bullet, right? From what I remember of the note, Judi got it from someone else who told her to use it just in case, but... if it were me they were dealing with, then normal bullets would probably work if you used enough. We can regenerate but I don't think even I could survive having my head turned into sauce. >If your berserk trigger goes off, then we can record it and have it cured! ...That's assuming I have one of those in the first place. Also, I have a feeling that 'killing someone else in a berserk rage' isn't something you can just easily come back from. >Let's leave Diagram's past alone. Yeah. I would've been fine asking her a little more, but... Holding back now's probably a better choice. "What're you thinking about, Argine?" Diagram chimes in and I quickly respond. "I'm running through a few options with the SAI right now." Time to go through 'em with Diagram.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

"I... get that. But you should give her a chance, Argine." We'll see. We're probably going to have to bump up 'talking to Amica' on our list. Not like I have to show up with my SAI splinter vial, but she DOES have an outgoing, unrelated task that she wants us to help out with anyway.
"Alright, last question, Diagram. Do you have a Parasignia?" She jumps. Hah. "A-ah! Did the SAI tell you to ask me that?!" She suddenly looks... flustered? Cmon, it's not like I'm asking about something embarrassing, am I? "So you do have one. What's its name?" She mutters something under her breath before speaking up again. "W-well, it's... it's something embarrassing, so you'll have to forgive me for not telling you its name." It's probably for the best she has her suppressor on. I don't need to feel second-hand first-hand embarrassment. With a quick sweep of her hand - something blips into existence. There's a little humming sound. The heck's that thing floating around her? It looks... uh, like something. "This... this is my Parasignia." The little thing flits around her head like its a pet. Diagram lets it land on her finger, like she's some kinda character outta her books.

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Edited last time by Cross on 12/04/2022 (Sun) 06:34:47.
Stepping out from Diagram's room, I can feel the chilly air sweeping by. It's a good thing that Judicium's gotten me this new coat - I feel much warmer than I was before. ...There's just so much on my mind, though. What with Diagram, her dad, her Parasignia, the upcoming fight, whether or not I've formed a Psuedosignia with anyone... it's all up in the air. It's hard keeping track of everything when I still have to fight one of this facility's strongest soldiers tomorrow. I reach into my pocket, pulling out the thing that's the root of my worries. The vial of Splinters... This thing had been hidden away for a reason. Hidden under a table in an old office. Why was it removed at all? Did it belong to you in the first place? I turn the vial over in my fingers, the thing catching the dim light. This thing... this thing's gonna be the deciding factor for what's going to happen next, isn't it? ...But it won't determine how my upcoming fight will go. Only I can, with your help. There's nothing more I can do right now. I've got a fight ahead of me and I need to ready up for that.

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THE HEIST teegee 07/01/2022 (Fri) 05:26:09 No. 688 [Reply]
This quest may be occasionally NSFW. This quest is being run simultaneously on QuestDen, and will be taking suggestions both here and there: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1036648.html "It jus' you 'n me now, dust bunny. Not too late for you t' cash out like rest of 'em." "Nice bluff."
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"Hate... bugs?"
"Wha... what this... f... fairy?"
Jus' play it cool, Finn. Dumb brute don't know about the other fairies, he can't notice--
shrrrriieeek ...He can see 'em now, can't he.
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Last Trace - Chapter 2 Cross 05/19/2022 (Thu) 00:26:47 No. 443 [Reply] [Last]
Prelude: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/180.html Chapter 1: https://getyeflask.net/quest/res/285.html Discord: https://discord.gg/x9QHPvzhdD Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Last_Trace --- Hey... you think she'll understand? She doesn't need to.
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I reach towards it - and the world around me falls away. I can hear my breathing, louder than ever. >...oul ...foun... I can't stop reaching out for it. I can't control my movements. My hand wraps around the cube, and, shakily, I bring it to my face. >...nnection through.... My vision blurs, and-
The box disintegrates, and I'm left holding a viscous, dark fluid. Even as I cup the dark fluid in my hands, there's... a crackle in the back of my mind. Like I'm not supposed to be touching this stuff. There's a jolt - and the thing begins to glow, before it leaps from my hands. "What... what the hell is this?" The dark, flowing... thing in my hands squirms about in the air like something that's clinging to life. Every so often, it seems to seize up, falling like rain into my hands - before re-congealing into its flowing mass. >An object, familiar and unfamiliar. Lost kin. It yearns for the warmth of others. It is starving - but it is dead. "That there... is a prototype SAI host. Unlike you or the Sykes... it doesn't have much in the way of brainpower. I wouldn't say it's even able to think - SAI Splinters are simply recordings after all. Perhaps you could think of this one as a dead child. It never had the chance to grow up like I could." The... squirming thing between my hands, it's meant to be a child? What kind of messed up shit is this? "Why do you have this? Diagram said there was only supposed to be one SAI in the facility!" >A wave of nausea builds up in the rebel soldier, her eyes captured by the flowing movements of the fluid. Poison, anathema - it is all of these things. What is it? >It is knowledge.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

"Keep it with you, Argine. There are secrets it can tell you that nobody else will." >Knowledge comes with a price. Seeds of instability have already long since been sown. The rebel soldier screams out against things she cannot hear, cannot understand. Amica turns away from me, heading towards the pitch-black rooms of the Old Sectors. "Amica! Don't just walk away from me!" >A fractured consciousness. The only ones who can truly hear. The soldier's pleas fall on deaf ears. There's a glint of red. "You should go to bed, Argine. You've got more pressing things to worry about." It's - it's like she melts into the darkness itself as she walks away. The haze in my head clears up as she saunters off into the darkness, leaving me alone and unsettled.
Moments later - the box reforms. It's no longer glowing, but - Whatever's inside there... >Knowledge, forbidden. Secrets, unearthed. Something that most people should not ever experience. >Wordlessly, the rebel soldier heads home - unease clouding her heart. CHAPTER 2: END Discord: https://discord.com/invite/x9QHPvzhdD

Last Trace - Interlude 2 Cross 06/06/2022 (Mon) 06:08:20 No. 625 [Reply]
>[ESTABLISHING REMOTE CONNECTION] >[SPLINTER RECOVERY PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL] >[SEARCHING FOR FAMILIARITY RECORDS...] >[DISPLAYING INTERFACE GUIDELINES] >Welcome to the Splinter Analysis Wizard (SAW), [USER]. >Playback of the recorded memory will begin soon. >Would you like assistance? >N >Understood. >Operation reminder: >When probing the splinter with questions, keep it short and direct. >The more connected a splinter is to the question, the more likely it is for the SAW to simulate accurate memory approximations. >It is recommended that you only ask one question at a time.
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>Why not modify their genetics and neurology to reduce their emotional capacity and personal drive, also making them more receptive to orders? That's what I was wondering - but I guess Lirren's too conflicted to make the damn choice in the first place, putting us in this position. >Did they implement a pacification trigger? What is it? Hey, it's gonna take some time - I only just brought it up to him. I'm not the geneticist here. >If attatchment is the issue you need to raise them in a patriotic environment - nature AND NURTURE. I'm sure we'll be plenty patriotic. But, keep any group of trained fighters in one place for too long - they get bored. And I don't mean a month or two, I mean YEARS. We can't simply ship them off elsewhere, not until they're properly deployed. Who knows? Maybe if this charade goes on long enough, they could start up little weekly competitions with each other, take a page out of the Asliann ritual duelling book. Really bloody hoping it doesn't come to that. >Has it occurred to you that you're a control freak who has managed to usurp the entire chain of command? Lirren may be the project lead, but the reason we have other leads is to keep each other in check. It would be egotistical to assume that, once you're at the head of a military project - you can just get cold feet and try to undermine it in the process. >[FRAGMENT ACCELERATION RATIO - 24 HOURS] >[PLAYING NEXT MEMORY SEQUENCE] >[ADVANCING TO NEXT AVAILABLE SPLINTER] >[INITIATING PLAYBACK.]

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There's an alarm as the switch is pulled, amniotic fluid flooding the chambers in a moment. Suddenly, everything's a lot warmer. And there it is. A little embryo inside of that tube. It looks so small compared to the walls of the machine, but soon enough - it'll be a person. Or a soldier. ...Huh. We're going to have to name these guys, aren't we? Heh-heh. I've got a few ideas here or there. It's weird to imagine that they'll be walking and talking so soon. I'm sure that a lot of the others have their own hopes and concerns about this project, especially since the flaws with this project are more apparent than ever. I don't know if the future's going to be as rosy as Lirren hopes it'll be. But I can't help but be taken into everyone else's optimism, even if I may have encouraged them to think that way. One thing's for certain. Things will never be the same again.
>[END OF RECORDING.] >[DO YOU WISH TO VIEW AGAIN? Y/N] >-N >ThTHtthTHank You for uuUuusinnnng the SpSpSpSpLInTerR AssiStaNceWiZarddd......~!#@$#$%!$%^^%@%^!@$%^# >CONNECTION TERMINATED - REMOTE HOST CANNOT BE REREAREAREAREACH$$@#@|||}###@
W...what was that? ...Dad... But why this? Why now? ...What... what did she do? I... I've got a bad feeling about this.

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This is a significantly short interlude with an emphasis on probing the memories of a certain individual. The next main chapter will follow immediately after this interlude's conclusion. >[CONSOLE DETECTED] >[ESTABLISHING REMOTE CONNECTION] >[SPLINTER RECOVERY PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL] >[SEARCHING FOR FAMILIARITY RECORDS] >[DISPLAYING INTERFACE GUIDELINES] >Welcome to the Splinter Analysis Wizard (SAW), [USER]. >Playback of the recorded memory will begin soon. >Would you like assistance? >-Y >Introduction:

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>Who's this Kinshimann guy? Doctor Jaz Kinshimann, eh? A bit of a mouthful, his name. Keletzar tend to have very long surnames like that. He's sort of a counterpart to Doctor Troveheart - the two of them have actually collaborated before, and - get this, Kinshimann's the reason why half the damn facility's got four ears and four nostrils. He succeeded in making cross-species chimeras via cloning processes! So, it's really thanks to him that me and Seene are even able to be together... >Greek Myth? Never heard of it. >Is Prometheus a pseudonym? Doctor Prometheus was a bit of an interesting figure... I believe he was one of the first people to really get cloning as an actual viable field of science. Before he came along, things really didn't seem to be going well, at least from what I've heard from Dr. Troveheart. But, I do think it is a pseudonym of sorts, probably mashed together from his actual name. Kinda like how everyone calls Doctor Graph, Doc "Silicagraph" after the process he ended up developing that revolutionized materials engineering. >Kiss her, you fool! Heh. When it's time. We snuggle up a bit closer together. It's nice being able to cut loose, here. Compared to my days on the field at one of the alliance's countries, there's less of a feeling of constant, persistent exhaustion. Sure, some people find it boring at Site 70, but when you're part of the future? You're practically witnessing history happen. Though, I don't think most people can bone history as literally as I have. "There's something else I want to talk to you about, Armin."

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And so, I sit there, feeling Mnemosyne lean against me. We're in perfect balance - our weight, our strength complementing each other. I don't really know how things are going to play out from here, but I don't have to. We lean in and we kiss, for the umpteenth time. This time, it feels a bit different. The scent of the wind, her scent, are mixed together by the sea breeze. In this moment, everything feels just right. I'm sure she feels the same.
>[END OF RECORDING.] >[DO YOU WISH TO VIEW AGAIN? Y/N] >-N >Thank you for using the Splinter Assistance Wizard.
I never did find out how those two came together before. I wonder if one of these splinters has my own birth recorded? ... Well, that's the first of many done. I was hoping that Argine didn't have to meet Amica now, of all times. This makes it so, so much harder. I'll have to increase security, adjust plans... But as long as Argine makes it out fine, then it'll all be worth it. There are things she doesn't need to know, that the others don't need to know. ... Then why did I put this thing together? Did I just have to relive all of the past? ...But I had to understand. I had to understand why everything happened. I can feel my exhaustion in my bones. That's enough for tonight. If I can't take care of myself, how do I expect to take care of others? Maybe the nightmares would leave me alone for tonight. ...
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