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Anonymous 08/07/2021 (Sat) 13:23:03 28625a No. 1
I'd love to see some casual collaborative storytelling here actually. I'm having ideas for threads that aren't typical cyoas, you've given me hope again damn you. Might want to establish a feel for what genres are and aren't the idea of this site, though that will happen organically, my guess is you're gonna not want that. Look how much I'm already spreading furry trash around, disgusting. I'd be willing to be a janny if its anonymous actually, I can be impartial and drama shielded that way.
>>1 Considering that I’m the community leader/lead moderator/etc., I’ll preface this by saying that this is just my personal take, and that official site policy may change or evolve over time. With that said, my attitude towards this question is to be fairly open-minded about what kinds of collaborative content we support or allow. (To that end, perhaps you could elaborate on what kinds of atypical ideas you have in mind?) It might be helpful to give you some idea of my own background with this stuff. My experience with quests/cyoas/etc. centers almost exclusively around tgchan/questden, so those are the types of quests with which I’m the most familiar: heavily narrative, character-focused collaborative storytelling, where the audience collectively controls one character or a group of specific characters. So that’s a specific type of content I’m personally interested in nurturing on this site, but if there’s demand for other types of collaborative content then I’m inclined to be welcoming towards it, within reason. All that being said, I suppose content that is drastically different from your garden-variety quest/cyoa might be better off in /chat/ (at least to start) until we can make a determination as to whether it belongs in /quest/ (or, if the situation warrants, in a board of its own if it proves to be wildly popular — but also don’t count on that.) >willing to be a janny For the time being I intend to keep the moderation team small, until the site userbase grows enough to justify bringing on more people to manage things. Once that time comes, I’ll probably be up for doing interviews for mod positions. >furry trash Oh, there’s going to be plenty of that regardless. My own quests are often furry with at least a touch of smuttiness (if not more), so in my eyes furry and nsfw content are quite welcome. (That being said, I intend on being equally welcoming to non-furry, sfw, etc.)
>>>3 Personally, I'd like to see a good mix of a few different ideas! Collaborative story telling is cool, but being a mechanics kinda guy that likes seeing people take a system and toy around with it, I'd like to play with things where people take a character from a blank slate and eventually toy around with the tools given to them to make their character grow in crazy ways. If they've got the intuition to help carry it along! All in all, I'd be willing to volunteer as a janny of sorts!