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Visual/CSS notes

A thread for visual modifications

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Feature notes

Backend: - Image 404 default - Restructure log page - Color tags for text - Enhanced editing - Webhook to Discord for updates -- #quest-discussion -- 3 hr cooldown - Push notifications for watcher and in-thread - Anonpone style landing page that leads to individual quest indexes - Individual quest index that builds automatically from OP name and subject -- Individual threads treated as chapters with the option for QMs to name them with the subject via a "This is the quest name: This is the chapter name" format. -- Come up with a way for user generated synopsis to work mechanically without accounts. Maybe just use their first post wholesale? -- Include various ques stats on the index - Figure out how tagging should work. -- Use the email field no one uses? -- Updates index table on each post, only need to include tags on new threads when they want to update them, applied automatically when not included FrontEnd: - Queue posts - Thread Resumer - - icon selection in post box - Image hovering -

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Submit your board banners here. Dimensions are 400x100 with a maximum file size of 200 kb.

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Apng favicon test

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- Cleaned up navbar and added static board list (boards don't exist yet) - increased thumbnail max height/width to 192px - Cleaned up board/thread/post CSS

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I'd love to see some casual collaborative storytelling here actually. I'm having ideas for threads that aren't typical cyoas, you've given me hope again damn you. Might want to establish a feel for what genres are and aren't the idea of this site, though that will happen organically, my guess is you're gonna not want that. Look how much I'm already spreading furry trash around, disgusting. I'd be willing to be a janny if its anonymous actually, I can be impartial and drama shielded that way.