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Welcome to Get Ye Flask, a website focused on collaborative storytelling, also known as questing. On this site youll find a variety of stories to participate in and can run your own. No accounts are needed to use this website, so get playing!

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>>/quest/1359 A burst of petals - and she vanishes. I'm left alone in the quiet field of flowers, as I maintain my stance. The stinging
>>/quest/1358 I raise my fists. >Everyone else seems to think they know your purpose better than you do. Yeah. At least when you talk
>>/quest/1357 >This is an opportunity to talk. >Show her the respect you know she deserves. Sure. Let's talk, then. "Been doin' a lot
>>/quest/1355 It's strange - Mnemosyne's not even armed, but as we lock gazes, a strange feeling comes over me. This place feels... familia
>>/quest/1354 ...It's full of flowers swaying in the wind. Occasionally, a petal drifts onto my bloodstained coat. Despite there being s
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