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Welcome to Get Ye Flask, a website focused on collaborative storytelling, also known as questing. On this site youll find a variety of stories to participate in and can run your own. No accounts are needed to use this website, so get playing!

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>>/quest/117 A brief, stinging sensation. Did she just- Diagram’s staring at me with a quiet intensity – the kinds of which I rarely ever see
>>/quest/116 I stand outside the door, glaring at her for a moment. She doesn’t budge, nor does she speak up. Screw it. I’m not really in the
>>/quest/114 I’ll go see Diagram then, and see if I can convince her to part with some info on you guys. I’ll answer your questions as I go,
>>/chat/15 Loopchan. Round and round we go. https://loopchan.top/ http://loopch37e74n6zkejgacop2rr3o5xfuribw3spapcnw52qk6wembqhqd.onion/
>>/quest/112 I swear, I’ll get her back for this. Maybe I’ll steal her scarf later- wait, you guys can hear this. Hmm. Fine. Let’s lay some g
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